Petrochemical plants today rely more and more on advanced additives.  Ethylene plants use a wide variety of chemicals in their process, including antipolymerants, antioxidants, and corrosion inhibitors. Since additives play many important roles in offering petrochemical plant operators increased flexibility, safety, and profit, experienced service engineers from chemical suppliers are more critical than ever. Cestoil’s team of global experts can provide total solutions to bring more value to our customers.

Ethylene Plant Additives

Ethylene Plant Additives

Styrene and EB Plant additives

Styrene and EB Plant Additives


Gasoline Hydrotreating Additives

Butadiene Plant Additives

Butadiene Plant Additives

Acrylonitrile Plant

Acrylonitrile Plant Additives

PP PE plant plastic

PP PE Plant Additives

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