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Organic Octane Boosters

Gasoline is used in spark ignition internal combustion engines. The air-fuel mixture must remain stable during the compression stroke, before the arrival of the spark. Unstable fuel may auto-ignite before the spark. This pre-ignition causes the engine to knock and lose power. Octane number is a key yardstick for measuring gasoline performance, in terms of its knocking tendency. Higher octane number fuel has less knocking tendency. For this reason, high-octane gasoline is more preferred. Expensive refinery processes, such as reforming, can produce higher octane number components. However, at times it is still more economical to use octane boosters in order to enhance the octane number of gasoline. Cestoil Chemical offers a complete range of standard and customized non-metallic octane boosters for use in refineries.

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Antistatic Agents

Static electricity build-up, due to the slow dissipation of electrical charges created by friction, is a very dangerous with fuel. The aviation industry took a serious look at this problem and a minimum conductivity level is now included in all jet fuel specifications. This minimum value can be met, reliably and cost-effectively, with the proper use of an anti-static agent from Cestoil. Removal of sulfur from other fuel streams by hydro-desulfurization also depletes the natural conducting polar compounds. As a result, it has also become necessary to use an antistatic agent to enhance the conductivity of ULSD and gasoline. Cestoil Chemical has vast experience in the proper use of antistatic agents in various applications and circumstances.

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CT Magnesium Additives

Cestoil manufactures oil-soluble organometallic additives with the finest components available. These nano-magnesium additives protect vulnerable metal surfaces from corrosion damage caused by impurities in the fuel, including vanadium, sodium and sulfur, both in the hot sections and the colder exhaust areas of utility boilers and gas turbine combustion systems.

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