PE sheet

A Revolution in Polymer Production

Cestoil is proud to present our cutting-edge PE antistatic additives, specifically designed to control reactor static and mitigate sheeting and fouling in various polymer production processes. Our patent-pending products set the industry standard for purity and safety, utilizing food-grade materials to ensure the highest level of performance and protection.

By incorporating Cestoil PE antistatic additives into your polymer production process, you can significantly improve gas-phase reactor operability and continuity. Our innovative additives effectively minimize the risk of static buildup, preventing the undesired accumulation of polymer sheets and fouling on reactor surfaces. As a result, your production facility can enjoy optimized operations, reduced downtime, and enhanced overall efficiency.

Choose Cestoil PE antistatic additives for a cleaner, safer, and more efficient polymer production process. Our dedication to delivering exceptional quality and environmentally-friendly solutions has established Cestoil as a trusted partner in the petrochemical industry. Experience the remarkable benefits of our PE antistatic additives and elevate your polymer production to new heights.

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