Enhance Efficiency and Reduce Downtime in Acrylonitrile Production

At Cestoil, we are dedicated to providing innovative and high-performance chemical solutions for the petrochemical industry. Our acrylonitrile plant antifoulants are specifically designed to address the challenges faced during the synthesis, distillation, storage, and transportation of active monomers like acrylonitrile, acrylic acid and esters, and styrene, which can easily polymerize when heated. By using Cestoil’s effective antifoulants, you can improve the efficiency of your operations and minimize downtime in your acrylonitrile production processes.

The Challenges of Polymerization:

Active monomers like acrylonitrile are prone to polymerization when exposed to heat during synthesis, distillation, storage, and transportation. This polymerization process can lead to the formation of viscous, gel-like substances or powdery solids that may adhere to equipment surfaces or accumulate on tower trays. Such buildups can hinder normal production processes, and in severe cases, even cause explosive polymerization, making the cleaning of reactors and distillation equipment extremely challenging. Frequent shutdowns due to these issues can lead to reduced production and waste of valuable raw materials.

The Benefits of Cestoil’s Acrylonitrile Plant Antifoulants:

Cestoil’s high-performance acrylonitrile plant antifoulants offer a multitude of benefits that help optimize your production processes:

  • Extended Production Cycles: Our antifoulants help to minimize polymer formation, extending the production cycle, and allowing for smoother and more efficient operations.
  • Reduced Polymer Formation: By using Cestoil’s antifoulants, you can significantly reduce the formation of unwanted polymers, decreasing the risk of equipment blockages and the need for frequent cleaning.
  • Prolonged Reboiler and De-cyaniding Tower Lifespans: Our products help to extend the switching cycles of reboilers and the operational cycles of de-cyaniding towers, greatly improving the overall efficiency of your acrylonitrile plant.
  • No Impact on Product Quality: Cestoil’s acrylonitrile antifoulants contain only carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, ensuring that there are no residues left in the final acrylonitrile or acetonitrile products. This means that our antifoulants will not affect the properties of the products or solvents used in your production processes.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Our antifoulants are designed with sustainability in mind, and they will not introduce sulfur, phosphorus, chlorine, metals, or other harmful elements into your wastewater streams.
  • Cestoil is committed to delivering innovative and efficient solutions for the petrochemical industry. Our acrylonitrile plant antifoulants are specifically designed to address the challenges of polymerization in the production processes of active monomers, ensuring smoother operations and reduced downtime. By choosing Cestoil’s acrylonitrile plant antifoulants, you can improve your plant’s efficiency, extend the lifespan of your equipment, and maintain the quality of your end products, all while contributing to a sustainable and environmentally friendly production process.

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