NorthShore COLI9500:

  • is a lubricity improver for use in low sulphur diesel fuels and other middle distillates, which possess poor lubricity characteristics
  • is extremely effective at protecting rotary fuel injection equipment from wear when operating with fuels of low intrinsic lubricity
  • demonstrates excellent lubricity improving characteristics by both HFRR and SLBOCLE bench test procedures
  • will not cause plunger sticking in in-line pumps and has been designed to have minimal interaction with basic materials such as caustic and lube oil additives
  • is not suitable for use in aviation fuels

Typical Physical Properties

Density, kg/l @ 25°C 0.9
Pour Point, °C -15
Cloud Point °C -10
Flash Point, °C (PMCC) >170
Saturated Fatty Acid Content %(v/v) 1.5
Acid Number, mgKOH/g 195


NorthShore COLI9500 is recommended for use at treat rates of between 10 and 200 ppm. It can be added at the loading rack or farther upstream to protect transfer equipment as well as vehicle fuel pumps. This product is equally suitable for use in gasoline or diesel powered engines.

NorthShore COLI9500 can be added at refinery either concentrated or as a stock solution using a pump or eduction system. Alternatively, NorthShore COLI9500 can be packaged with multifunctional additives and added at the terminal.

Handling and Storage

NorthShore COLI9500 is compatible with other commonly used fuel additives and with engine and fuel system materials. Observe usual precautions for handling concentrated chemicals and blending additives into fuel. Less concentrated variants of NorthShore COLI9500 are available if required to meet specific viscometric requirements.

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