Minimize the Effects of Vanadium on FCC Catalysts and Process Higher Metal Feedstocks with Confidence

Vanadium in FCC feedstocks can have detrimental effects on catalyst performance, including reduced activity and selectivity, as well as catalyst surface and porosity destruction. Cestoil’s innovative vanadium inhibitor is designed to counteract these negative impacts, allowing you to process higher metal level feedstocks while maintaining catalyst efficiency and minimizing coke and hydrogen production. Experience the benefits of our advanced vanadium inhibitor, which also mitigates vanadium pentoxide corrosion, for improved refinery operations.

Cestoil’s vanadium inhibitor offers numerous advantages for your refinery:

  • Enhanced Catalyst Protection: Our additive minimizes the effects of vanadium on catalytic dehydrogenation reactions and catalyst thermal deactivation, ensuring the longevity and efficiency of your catalysts.
  • Improved Feedstock Flexibility: With the application of our vanadium inhibitor, refiners can process higher metal level feedstocks without compromising catalyst performance.
  • Lower Catalyst Make-Up Rates: By mitigating the catalyst deactivation effects of vanadium, our vanadium inhibitor reduces the need for frequent catalyst make-up, lowering operational costs.
  • Corrosion Prevention: Our advanced additive eliminates corrosion by mitigating the formation of vanadium pentoxide, further protecting your refinery equipment.
  • Applications:
    Cestoil’s vanadium inhibitor is suitable for various refinery operations, including:

    Fluid Catalytic Cracking Units (FCCUs): Protect your FCC catalysts from the damaging effects of vanadium and maintain optimal performance and efficiency with our advanced additive.

    Boiler/Heater that use high Vanadium content fuel: Safely burn higher metal level fule without corrosion

    Invest in Cestoil’s innovative vanadium inhibitor to protect your FCC catalysts and enhance your refinery’s performance and feedstock flexibility. Our advanced additive effectively minimizes the negative impacts of vanadium, allowing you to process higher metal level feedstocks with confidence and maintain efficient operations. To learn more about our vanadium inhibitor and how it can benefit your refinery, contact us today!

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