Boost Your Refinery's Throughput and Efficiency with Cestoil's Advanced Nickel Passivator for FCC Catalysts

Nickel traces in FCC feeds can have adverse effects on FCC catalysts, leading to excessive hydrogen production, increased coke make, and decreased gasoline conversion. Cestoil’s antimony-based nickel passivator is specifically designed to counteract these negative impacts and optimize your FCC operations. Our innovative additive incorporates itself into the catalyst and effectively neutralizes nickel’s dehydrogenation properties. Experience the benefits of Cestoil’s nickel passivator, including increased throughput, reduced catalyst consumption, and enhanced refinery and feedstock flexibility.

By utilizing Cestoil’s antimony-based nickel passivator, your refinery can enjoy numerous advantages:

  • Increased Throughput: Our nickel passivator reduces hydrogen overloading in the gas plant, allowing for higher throughput in your FCC operations.
  • Reduced Catalyst Consumption: By neutralizing the adverse effects of nickel, our passivator minimizes catalyst degradation, resulting in lower catalyst consumption and reduced operational costs.
  • Enhanced Refinery Flexibility: Cestoil’s nickel passivator enables your refinery to handle a wider range of feedstocks, providing increased flexibility in your operations.
  • Improved Feedstock Flexibility: With our advanced nickel passivator, you can process feeds with higher nickel content, maximizing the utilization of available feedstocks.
  • Optimized FCC Performance: By minimizing the negative impacts of nickel on catalysts, our antimony-based passivator ensures optimal FCC performance and improved gasoline conversion rates.
  • Applications:
    Cestoil’s antimony-based nickel passivator is suitable for various FCC operations, including:

    Fluid Catalytic Cracking Units (FCCUs): Our nickel passivator effectively minimizes the adverse effects of nickel on FCC catalysts, resulting in enhanced performance, efficiency, and feedstock flexibility.

    Invest in Cestoil’s advanced antimony-based nickel passivator to optimize your FCC operations and maximize your refinery’s efficiency and flexibility. Our innovative additive effectively neutralizes the negative impacts of nickel on FCC catalysts, resulting in increased throughput, reduced catalyst consumption, and improved refinery and feedstock flexibility. To learn more about our nickel passivator and how it can benefit your refinery operations, contact us today!

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