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Minimize Fouling and Corrosion Issues with Our High-Performance, Low Melting Point Neutralizers

Corrosion control in crude units is essential to maintain operational efficiency and extend equipment life. Neutralizers play a key role in controlling corrosion by reducing the concentration of aggressive corrosive species. However, the use of some neutralizers can lead to higher salt levels, which can cause fouling and corrosion problems. Cestoil’s neutralizing amines are specifically designed to address this issue. Our unique formulation features lower salt melting point temperatures and higher solubility in hydrocarbons, ensuring effective corrosion control while minimizing fouling and corrosion risks.

Cestoil’s neutralizing amines offer a range of advantages for your refinery:

  • Effective Corrosion Control: Our neutralizers reduce the concentration of aggressive corrosive species, protecting your crude unit from corrosion-related issues.
  • Minimized Fouling and Corrosion Risks: Cestoil’s neutralizing amines have lower salt melting point temperatures and higher hydrocarbon solubility, keeping salts in liquid form and reducing the likelihood of fouling and corrosion.

    Enhanced Operational Efficiency: By controlling corrosion and minimizing fouling, our neutralizers contribute to improved overall efficiency in your crude unit operations.

  • Extended Equipment Life: Effective corrosion control with Cestoil’s neutralizing amines helps prolong the lifespan of your refinery equipment, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Applications:
    Cestoil’s neutralizing amines are suitable for a variety of refinery processes, including:

  • Crude Unit Operations: Protect your crude unit from corrosion-related issues with our high-performance neutralizers.
  • Vacuum Unit Operations: Maintain efficient operations by using our neutralizing amines to control corrosion and minimize fouling.

    Invest in Cestoil’s advanced neutralizing amines for effective corrosion control in your crude units. Our unique formulation minimizes fouling and corrosion risks while enhancing operational efficiency and extending equipment life. To learn more about our neutralizing amines and how they can benefit your refinery, contact us today!

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