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Unrivaled Performance and Compatibility

Hydrotreating is a critical process for modern refineries, and fouling within heat exchange operations can result in reduced efficiency and increased downtime. Cestoil’s hydrotreating antifoulants are specifically designed to combat these challenges. Our ashless, oil-soluble dispersants effectively disperse both inorganic and organic contaminants without causing harm to catalysts. Experience the unparalleled performance of Cestoil’s hydrotreating antifoulants and keep your refinery operating at peak efficiency.

Cestoil’s hydrotreating antifoulants provide numerous advantages to your refinery:

  • Effective Dispersion: Our antifoulants are highly efficient at dispersing both inorganic and organic contaminants, ensuring that your hydrotreating heat exchange processes remain free from fouling.
  • Catalyst-Friendly: Unlike some other antifoulants, Cestoil’s products are ashless and oil-soluble, meaning they do not contain any harmful ingredients that may damage your catalysts.
  • Polymer Dispersion: Our antifoulants are potent dispersants for polymers, further reducing the likelihood of fouling within your hydrotreating process.
  • Improved Process Efficiency: By preventing fouling and maintaining clean heat exchange surfaces, Cestoil’s hydrotreating antifoulants help improve overall process efficiency and reduce energy consumption.
  • Applications:
    Cestoil’s hydrotreating antifoulants are suitable for a variety of refinery processes, including:

  • Hydrotreating Units: Our antifoulants effectively prevent fouling in hydrotreating units, ensuring optimal heat transfer efficiency and maximizing the performance of your refinery.
  • Hydrocracking Units: Protect your hydrocracking heat exchange operations from fouling and maintain peak efficiency with Cestoil’s advanced antifoulants.
  • Hydrodesulfurization Units: Keep your hydrodesulfurization processes free from fouling and operating at peak performance with our effective and catalyst-friendly antifoulants.
  • Invest in Cestoil’s hydrotreating antifoulants to maintain the efficiency and reliability of your refinery’s hydrotreating processes. Our advanced, catalyst-friendly dispersants effectively prevent fouling and minimize the risk of damage to your catalysts, ensuring smooth operations and reduced downtime. To learn more about our hydrotreating antifoulants and how they can benefit your refinery, contact us today!

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