Slurry settling

Boost Your Profitability and Efficiency

Cestoil is proud to present our tailor-made Slurry Settling Aids, a field-proven solution designed to optimize the Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) process in the petroleum industry. As a leader in the development of high-performance chemical solutions, we recognize the challenges faced by refineries in managing deactivated catalysts and finely divided solids present in slurry oil. Our Slurry Settling Aids provide a cost-effective, efficient, and reliable alternative to traditional filtration systems, ensuring maximum removal rates and increased profitability for your operation.

In the FCC process, heavy petroleum fractions are cracked to produce lighter, more valuable fractions. Over time, the catalyst becomes deactivated, necessitating the continual addition of fresh catalyst to the unit. To accommodate the new catalyst, slurry oil containing deactivated catalysts and finely divided solids must be removed from the FCC unit. This is where Cestoil’s Slurry Settling Aids come into play.

Our Slurry Settling Aids are specifically engineered to accelerate the settling rate of finely divided solids present in slurry oil, enabling faster and more efficient removal of deactivated catalysts from the FCC unit. By enhancing the settling process, our solution directly contributes to increased profitability and operational efficiency.

Cestoil’s Slurry Settling Aids are a perfect alternative to expensive and hard-to-maintain filtration systems, which can be prone to clogging, reduced flow rates, and high maintenance costs. Our product has been field-tested and proven to deliver exceptional results, providing a more cost-effective and reliable solution for refineries.

By choosing Cestoil’s Slurry Settling Aids, you can expect:

  • Accelerated settling rates of finely divided solids
  • Maximized removal of deactivated catalysts
  • Increased operational efficiency and profitability
  • A cost-effective alternative to traditional filtration systems
  • Reduced maintenance requirements and downtime
  • Trust Cestoil’s expertise in developing innovative solutions for the petroleum industry. Our Slurry Settling Aids have been designed to meet the unique challenges of the FCC process, ensuring the best results for your operation. Experience the benefits of our cutting-edge product and join the growing list of satisfied customers who have already discovered the advantages of using Cestoil’s Slurry Settling Aids in their refineries.

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