H2S Scavenger

H2S is a gas under normal atmospheric conditions. It should not be present in any fuel except LPG (liquefied petroleum gas). However, some process units could break down the heavier sulfur-containing molecules into smaller molecules such as H2S and mercaptans.

H2S has an unpleasant odor and is toxic. Many refineries try to remove H2S from cracked streams used in blending fuels. Refiners would prefer chemical solutions to remove H2S in a case of process upset. Additives also step in when fuel contains some mercaptans which are not removed by hydrofining process.

Cestoil’s H2S scavenger removes hydrogen sulfide and some mercaptan from the hydrocarbon streams. The formulation reacts with H2S to form a stable and water-soluble product which can later be withdrawn from the system.

Mercaptan Scavenger

Cestoil’s mercaptan scavenger removes mercaptan from hydrocarbon streams. Our formulation is specially designed to react with a various mercaptans and form heat-stable and oil-soluble products. The additive treatment can not only help to eliminate the characteristic odor of mercaptans, but it can also enable the fuel to pass the doctor test.

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