• ​Deposit control additives
  • Cetane number improver
  • Corrosion inhibitor
  • Demulsifier
  • Cold flow improver (Pour point depressant/ Paraffin dispersant)
  • Lubricity improver
  • Antioxidant / Stabilizer
  • Antistatic agent
  • Marker


What is DCA

DCA (Deposit Control Additives) is a surfactant, which consists of a polar “head” and an oil-soluble “tail”.

Some pre-depositions are captured in oil by DCA molecules so that scaling is decreased or eliminated.

DCA should be no ash, not containing any metal components.

Reasons for having DCA in Bereichen Diesel Additives

  • Using commercially diesel fuel, harmful sediment will gradually accumulate in the combustion system, using excellent performance DCA can maintain the engine efficiency up to 99% as the new one. DCA is essential to maintain and maximize the performance and efficiency of the engine.
  • DCA can help to achieve clean diesel fuel system, more uniform fuel atomization and sprays, more stable and complete combustion, better releasing of diesel fuel energy, so as to enhance the performance of the engine.
  • The deposit control additive in Bereichen Diesel Package has advanced chemical technology so it has excellent performance in all diesel engines, including the most complex and advanced injection system. The product can remove harmful sediment in engine key parts, then make the engine keep excellent performance and prolong its lifetime.


What is Cetane Number

Cetane number is one of the most important diesel indexes that reflects fuel’s flammability.

The flammable n-Hexadecane’s cetane number is defined as 100, and 1-Methylnaphthalene’s cetane number is defined as 0. By mixing these two fuels, the standard cetane number of fuels can be obtained. For example, mixing 7L of n-Hexadecane and 3L of 1-Methylnaphthalene we can get mixture’s cetane number is 70. Use this method we can get all fuels with different cetane numbers. Comparing indeterminate fuel’s combustion performance with standard fuels, if they are equal, then we know the cetane number of the indeterminate fuel.

The higher cetane number of diesel, the easier to combust, the less knockings or other abnormal phenomena. Higher cetane number can help to significantly reduce black smoke, white smoke, and engine noise, improve cold start performance and fuel economy.

Bereichen provides optimum solutions

Traditional cetane improvers include Ethylhexyl nitrate and other types of peroxides.

Bereichen Diesel Package contains an advanced cetane improver that offers outstanding performance with a less adding amount.


What is Corrosion Inhibitor

It is difficult to completely remove water in oil system (such as oil tank, oil pipe).
Corrosion inhibitor can prevent or reduce the corrosion of the entire combustion system by forming a dense protective film on the inner surface of the system to separate water from the metal surface.

Bereichen provides optimum solutions

Adding Bereichen gasoline additives that contain corrosion inhibitor can prolong the service life of the engine.


Reasons for having Demulsifier in Bereichen Additives

  • Improve the separation performance between water and oil, avoid oil and water emulsion
  • Reduce corrosion
  • Reduce emissions


What is Cold Flow Improver
Cold flow properties of diesel fuel is an important indicator, also the key indicators to determine the grade of diesel fuel. The wax in diesel oil will be released at low temperature and block diesel filter, which will cause diesel engine cannot be started. Cold flow improver can inhibit the growth of paraffin crystals, change its size and shape, so as to make it easy to pass the diesel oil filter.

Bereichen provides optimum solutions

Bereichen Diesel Package containing cold flow improver can significantly change wax’s shape, size, and growth.


Reasons for having Lubricity improver in Bereichen Diesel Package
Low sulfur diesel is important for environmental protection, it’s an inevitable trend.

The natural antiwear agent is removed during hydrogenation and desulfurization processes, which will cause low sulfur diesel has serious problems of lubrication. Also, it is confirmed that nitrogen, oxygen-containing compounds and aromatic hydrocarbons will be removed during desulfurization and hydrogenation processes, which lead to a decline of natural lubricant and jet pump wear problems. We should pay special attention to diesel lubricity.

​COLI9000 series lubricity improver has the antibacterial capacity, prevent bacteria and fungi growth and reproduction in the oil, to further ensure the long-term storage of fuel quality.

Bereichen provides optimum solutions

Some surveys show that many domestic ordinary types of diesel cannot meet the minimum requirements of the lubricity.

Bereichen Diesel Package containing COLI9000 series lubricity improver meets the requirements of United States, European Union, and world standard. Also, it has excellent lubricating performance in both BOSCH pump rig test and HFRR test.


Diesel aging test 1

Based on D2274 ASTM method (16h, 115 C)

  • The color of base fuel which not contains Bereichen Diesel Additives is significantly deeper, and form a sticky resin, block the filter paper.
  • After adding Bereichen Diesel Additives, the diesel does not form stick gum, the filter paper is kept clean and the color remains basically unchanged.

Diesel aging test 2

Based on D2274 ASTM method (16h, 115 C)

Adding 1mg/l copper into the fuel. Trace amounts of copper will significantly accelerate the aging of fuel.

  • In some diesel which not contains Bereichen Diesel Additives, there are trace amounts of copper. And some fuel systems themselves also have copper alloys.
  • The diesel containing Bereichen Diesel Additives has strong inhibition ability to metal contamination.


Reasons for having Antistatic Agent in Bereichen Additives

According to the requirements of the national mandatory standard GB6950, in order to ensure the safety of fuel using and transportation, avoid catastrophic accidents due to static electricity, the electrical conductivity of light oil shall not be less than 50pS/m.

With the strict requirements of environmental protection, gasoline and diesel are required to have low sulfur content.

During the hydrogenation and desulfurization processes, the natural antistatic agent is being removed from the fuel resulting in the reduction of fuel conductivity.

Adding antistatic agent is the only effective way to improve the conductivity of oil.


What is Marker

Marker is an additive which is difficult to be observed by the naked eye but can be detected by the instrument. It helps to ensure the fuel quality, avoid irregular oil being transferred to the regular service depot.

Marker for Bereichen Packages can be added optionally.